advocare web design

Advocare Web Design

Today I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you what I would do with my Advocare web design if I was a distributor for the company.

I have been checking out a lot of blogs for a lot of different mlm companies lately to see which ones are doing things right and which ones really need to re-think their online strategy.

What I found was that most Advocare distributors who promote online are doing it all wrong.

You see they have their blogs set up to brand Advocare and not themselves.

How To Design Your Advocare Blog

If you read my last post on how to promote your mlm company online then you would already know that branding yourself is the number one reason that most people who decide to promote their mlm online fail.

But why?

Go back and read my last post and the answer is right there for you to see, ok I am lazy too so I will tell you again.

Your Advocare web design needs to be totally different than what you would think, it needs to be designed so that you are the focus of the blog and not the company images, logos and videos.

People can go anywhere and get information about the company so why just be a cow and regurgitate everything everyone else is already saying on your blog.

Be yourself, be unique and take a fresh approach to the lead generation game and you will be surprised at how much better your results will be.

It all goes back to the customer feeling you are just trying to sell them rather and genuinely trying to help them.

Cardinal rule number 1 says that you should treat others the way you want to be treated, so if you don’t want to be sold to then how do your potential customers feel when they visit your blog.

advocare web design

Advocare Web Design

Take a look at the picture above, is that what you see when you look at your blog, customers desperately wanting to buy what you are selling?

I am guessing since you are reading this post that it is just not the case with your web design and content strategy.

Wait, content strategy? What’s that?

Oh lord, not now, I will get to that in a later post but for now all you need to know is that this is the situation you want at your blog.

In our research of the best and worst Advocare Web Design we found a couple good sites that are more focused on branding themselves than the company, the one standout was who is only devoting a very small percentage of their content to ADvocare, check them out and use what they are doing as an example of what to do.