What’s up guys, thanks for checking out my about page.

That’s me below, the names Edward Gonzalez


When I am not designing kick ass websites, I am doing my second love, installing carpet, glamorous right!

So anyways, I created Web-design-2001.com to help all of you who are in network marketing and want to really explode your business.

I have been marketing on the internet for over a decade and in that time I have learned just about everything you would need to know to go out and build a five star network marketing blog that not only looks great but will suck leads in for you 24/7.

It really doesn’t matter what company you are with or even what products you are promoting, with the methods I will be teaching you on this blog you will be able to go out and build your own lead machine in record time.

Are you sick of the constant prospecting, house parties and 3 way calls with your sponsor.

Look this shit isn’t AA and we don’t need a sponsor, we are going to show you once and for all how to generate as many leads as you can handle by utilizing the power of the internet.

I know you may have no clue as to what you are doing but don’t worry, I got you on this and will deliver the goods on a silver platter but done in a way that even someone who just learned how to get on the internet today would be able to understand.

Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride because the places I am about to take you is going to blow your mind when you see how easy setting everything up is going to be.

Thanks again for stopping by and checking us out, if you have any questions fell free to send me a message using my contact page.